Rating system

Rating system

1 star
I did not like it. Doesn’t matter if I hated it, or had a mild distaste for it, not liking is not liking and I don’t need a scale to further quantify that. Because of this, my ratings appear to be skewed on the lower side.

2 stars
It was okay – there were enough redeeming factors that I understand why some people would like this book, but it’s not really for me.

3 stars
Yeah, I liked it. Maybe don’t go out of your way to read it, but if it’s lying around and you’ve got nothing better to do, go for it.

4 stars
Yes! Definitely check this book out! It’s worth your time.

5 stars
Pretty self explanatory – I loved it. If you ask me to recommend you books, I’ll definitely get you started on this list.